Find here under links of interest ranging from local World War 2 historical organisations, museums and also re-enactment groups from abroad which we exchange events with – Enjoy !

Local museums and organisations
  • George Cross Island – Malta branchAn organisation oriented towards preserving Maltese historical heritage.
  • Common Wealth War Graves Commission – Malta section – Discover more about Malta’s military cemeteries here.
  • Malta Aviation Museum – hosting a variety of aircraft and their history, including a World War II Original MkV Supermarine Spitfire and Hurricane mkII part of the Malta World War 2 memorial collection!
  • Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna – Responsible of maintaining the Upper Barakka guns salute battery, Lascaris war rooms, Birgu Malta at war museum, Fort Rinella, Notre Dame gate and also the Cold War underground tunnels.
  • Malta At War Museum – Managed by the Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna, the museum has an interesting collection of items, ranging from civilian to military objects.
  • National War Museum – Headed by Heritage Malta, which is also responsible for other historical museums on the island.

Re-enactment groups
  • OPS 39-45 – Our main historical re-enactment colleagues from the UK when it comes to local and events abroad.
  • The Garrison – Another group from the UK which accompanies us when attending events in the United Kingdom.
  • Spirit of Britain – A group which has been to Malta on various occasions, participating in local re-enactment events. The group portrays various roles of the British military and British civilian life during World war 2.
  • Royal Navy Beachhead Commandos – English group located in South east England, which portrays the Commandos special forces. We got to know this group back in 2020, showing great interest in the Maltese World War II setting!

Other links of interest

Find Malta Command on Wikipedia and UK register for re-enactment groups:
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