WW2 Re enactors' Forum - UK - An endless source of information about living history.

Malta Aviation Museum - This is where you'll find us!

The Garrison Living History Group - Our friends and colleagues from the UK

MALTA GC WEBSITE - A very good source for WW2 Malta information

THE VICTORY SHOW - Annual event held in September in Leicestershire

Malta Family History - A useful resource for researching wartime servicemen and more
Military Re-enactment Federation Malta

Legio X Fretensis Malta - A group depicting the Roman Legionnaire of the early 1st Century AD.

Historical Re-enactment Group Malta - specialising in the Napoleonic period particularly the events that took place in 1798 in Malta.

Show of Arms - an emerging group, portraying the Medieval and Renaissance way of life in Malta.

What Price Glory - USA - Our preferred source of British Uniforms and kit

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