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Zejtun Taht in-Nar
7th May 17

The town of Zejtun commemorated it's fallen in an event held on the 7th of May. During this event which included a vast display of military vehicles and various re enactment groups, Malta Command took centre stage during the remembrance ceremony where on the Church's steps the Mayor and other dignitaries gave their respects to the fallen whilst our men gave a guard of honour and volley firing.
Winter Training Camp
18th - 19th February 17

Our much awaited winter Training Camp was held at Ghajn Tuffieha Scout barracks.

This camp was another success thanks to the help of our friend and instructor David Casha who continued to build up on last year's basics of fire and movement and this year focussed on patrolling. Apart from being fun, these 'boots on the ground' exercises help us learn more about a soldier's life and improve the way we depict what they did for real.
The Star of Strait Street
26th May 17

Malta Command members enjoyed a very special evening watching ' The Star of Strait Street', a play about famous RAF pilot Adrian Warburton's sweetheart Christina Radcliffe.

This play was a very touching tribute to women of WW2 Malta who endured the brunt of the war often with the extra burden of worrying that their loved ones would not come back.
Mass in memory of Sgt. Hampton
5th February 17

A remembrance service was held at the Aviation museum's little chapel on Sunday 5th February in memory of our dearly departed Godwin Hampton.

At the end of the service a plaque in his honour was unveiled on behalf of the group.

St. Augustine Parish Centre
24th  25th June 17

Following its recent restoration, the St Augustine's Church in Valletta opened the doors of it's Parish Centre to the public. This includes a massive Air Raid Shelter complex which was home to may locals during the Blitz years.

Malta Command provided an extensive display of wartime uniforms, arms and equipment, which complimented other displays such as scenarios of shelter life, bombed out houses and the general conditions for civilians during the war.

Fort Manoel open weekend
8th - 9th April 17

Going back to Fort Manoel after many years was a great pleasure.

Malta Command was given prominence during this event with
two whole rooms of weapons, uniform and equipment displays as well as drill and weapons displays in the fort's main square throughout the whole weekend.

This was also a great opportunity to welcome our latest member Steve to our group.

The Great Escape
22nd - 26th March 17

Malta Command had the unique opportunity
to join our friends of Ops 39-45 in commemorating the Anniversary of the ‘Great Escape’ from Stalag Luft 3 in 1944.

The purpose of the tour was to conduct a historically accurate reenactment of the Great Escape from Stalag Luft 3 Prisoner of War Camp. The tour included visiting historical sites both in Berlin- Germany  and Zagan- Poland, reenactment of the Great Escape where it actually happened 73 years ago on the exact date and time and a commemorative dinner.

This was an unforgettable experience which will be remembered by all those who participated.
Dorian's Wedding
21st May 17

On the very special occasion of Dorian and Cecilia's wedding the group turned out in full force to join in the celebration and provide a guard of honour for their grand entrance at the wedding venue.

Best of wishes to the newly married couple for a great future together.

Lascaris War Rooms
13th August 17

Malta Command members were very proud to take part in the open weekend held at Lascaris War Rooms. Alongside members of Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna and Spirit of Britain re-enactment group from the UK we all 'staffed' the Operations Room to recreate how the whole affair was conducted on a daily basis in these underground chambers.

This was a very enjoyable learning experience where all who attended learned what an important role was played by these unsung heroes.

We hope to have similar future opportunities to put these sites to good use and keep up the work of educating the public about those epic years.
Summer BBQ
16th September 17

So as to keep in touch during the hot summer months, Malta Command held it's Summer get together at Red Tower in Mellieha.

As the sausages sizzled on the grill and the smell of food filled the air, we all enjoyed eachother's company and caught up on news and shared stories.
Luqa Commemoration
14th October 17

Malta Command provided a Guard of Honour during the commemoration for war victims in Luqa.

Being extremely close to Luqa airfield, this small village suffered the brunt of the war as the Italian and German air forces relentlessly targeted the area throughout the three years of bombing. 

Notte Bianca
7th October 17

Once again, Malta Command was invited to participate during the open night at St. Augustine's Church.

On the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the award of the George Cross, the group chose to represent all the fighting forces in their display with uniforms and equipment pertaining to the Navy, Army and Air Force.

Operation Pedestal 75th Anniversary
11th - 12th August 17

Malta Command has gone all out this year to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the arrival of the 'Santa Marija Convoy' on the 15th of August 1942, one of the greatest moments in Malta's history. This occasion was also the baptism of fire for our two newest members John and Harry who trained hard to come up to scratch with drill, in time to join our guard of honour.

This Anniversary had us engaged in three events around Grand Harbour, starting off with the annual tribute to all seafares who perished at sea, organised by the Apostleship of the Sea in Valletta on the 11th.

The next evening on the 12th August  we had a double appointment over in Senglea where our group participated in the national anniversary commemoration which was organised by FAA - Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar.

Just before the start of this event we were honoured to participate in a very solemn ceremony organised by the family of Mr. Allan Shaw, the last veteran of the SS Ohio. The ceremony was brought to an end with a very touching moment where the ashes of Mr. Shaw  were scattered in the water off Senglea Point while our Guard of Honour fired a volley salute which echoed around Grand Harbour.

This spot was chosen with particular significance since it is here that Mr. Shaw and his comrades from the Ohio set foot on Malta and finally rested after that terrible ordeal of reaching our shores.

And now, reunited with his comrades once again here he will rest for ever.